Food Chain Question-of-the-Day

Food Chain Question of the Day Feature: Michael Olson

Food Chain Question-of-the-Day Feature: Michael Olson

Award Winning Journalist

Michael Olson has hosted over 900 editions of his nationally-syndicated Food Chain Radio show, and has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and television shows.  His work, which includes the Benjamin Franklin book-of-the-year award-winning MetroFarm, has appeared in numerous publications, from NBC Magazine with David Brinkley to Small Space Gardening magazine.  Michael Olson is a frequent speaker at food and agriculture-related gatherings throughout the English-speaking world.

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Monday: Which food should white folks be allowed to sell in Portland: churros… fried chicken… or hot dogs? FC 17.6.12

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Tuesday: Will the money of Oklahoma’s taxpayers be sufficient to rid the state of its food deserts, or will the food deserts return when the tax-payer money runs out? FC 17.6.13

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